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Multi-Functional Cleaning And Stain Removal Cream(Pack Of 2)

Multi-Functional Cleaning And Stain Removal Cream(Pack Of 2)

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Powerful stain removal! Easier cleaning and care

Multi-functional cleaning and stain removal cream can easily remove the surface stains and stubborn hidden things on the laces of such shoes.

Have you been having this trouble?

Beloved shoes get dirty easily, but there is no time to clean them. There are times when shoes become dirty on important occasions but cannot be remedied!

Technology R&D breakthroughs

After years of research and development by a team of professionals, a scientific stain removal formula is used to achieve a very efficient cleaning method. The M-BIMR small molecule stain removal technology is used to penetrate deep into the crevices of the shoe and remove stubborn stains.

You can also use it on bags, clothes, furniture, or other leather and textiles for a quick cleaning effect that is very practical and makes your beloved items look new every day!

🤩Multi-functional cleaning and stain removal cream can help you easily solve the various worries of shoe cleaning, you can even carry it into your backpack, anytime and anywhere you can make your shoes look new and avoid embarrassment.

Just use it to simply wipe it down and it will be as white as new immediately. No need to use water for cleaning, for shoes he is really a very good helper

Even if the sole, the edge of the shoe, and other stains are difficult to scrub, they can easily help you scrub off.

Formulated to be safe, non-acidic, and non-alkaline. Will not cause damage to shoes, but also care for the health of hands: avoid alkaline washing, effectively avoid the textile upper color loss, deformation, aging, and other problems.

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